By Megha Gupta

Boost your GMAT Verbal score with Megha Gupta, one of the most acclaimed GMAT Verbal tutors . Offering comprehensive GMAT Verbal coaching and specialized online GMAT classes, Megha helps students worldwide master the GMAT Verbal section. With a proven track record of GMAT preparation success, her personalized approach ensures you achieve your highest potential.

Mentored over 5000 students

Students across for Continents for both GMAT and CAT

Ivy Leagues, Oxford, ISB admits

Full time MBA, MIM/MBM, Executive Programs

Top scores in the 700 - 750 range

Highest score amongst students: Verbal 48, GMAT Total: 780

Logical & Straightforward approach

Solving approach developed over 10 years of extensive experience and solid conceptual clarity



Hours of teaching GMAT Verbal  

Highest GMAT score  achieved by students mentored 

Highest GMAT Verbal score achieved by students mentored

We are Focus Edition ready!

All our study materials and other prep resources are updated to align with the content and format of the GMAT Focus Edition reflecting the shortened test duration, new question types, and any other modifications.

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