5 things to do when your preparation gets derailed


5 Things to Do When Your GMAT Preparation Gets Derailed

"I think every day that tonight I am going to study for the GMAT, yet after a long day at work, I barely have the time or energy to study. Then, after a few such days, the preparation gets derailed and I don’t know how to restart. What should I do?" 🤔

I get this question quite often from my students in my GMAT Verbal coaching sessions.

💡 What to do in this situation?

1.      Firstly, don’t waste time anymore in feeling guilty for being less productive. Instead, channel your energy now into completing the tasks. This is key to achieving GMAT success.


2.      Set three kinds of targets: Monthly, weekly, and daily goals. Clear to-do lists broken down into smaller doables are essential for effective GMAT preparation. Smaller doables are less daunting and we are more motivated to complete them.


3.      Have a clear plan of action. For example, don’t just think that you will do Reading Comprehension today. Plan it out: How will you do it exactly? From where? Which passages, from which book? This is crucial, especially when focusing on the GMAT Verbal section.


4.      Set realistic goals. Take into account your daily routine and other commitments. If you can study for one hour instead of two, it’s ok. We will take two days instead of one to reach our goal. But don’t have unrealistic expectations of the timeline and the tasks, which can lead to the vicious circle of incomplete work and feeling bad about it. This is where personalized GMAT coaching can be very helpful.


5.      Keep some buffer for contingencies. Let’s face it. We can’t plan every day to the T. Some days you might be more occupied than others. It’s ok; don’t let that discourage you. Compensate for such busier days at another time.

Spend time with your GMAT private tutor to chart out a clear action plan. A DOABLE plan. A REALISTIC plan. Whether you are opting for online GMAT classes or GMAT online tutoring, having the right strategy is crucial.

What other challenges do you face in your GMAT prep? Let us know in the comments.

All the best! With the right GMAT tutoring services and strategies, you can achieve your GMAT goals.


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