Nandini Gupta​

ISB EEO Candidate | GMAT 700

I was ‘Prep with Megha’ private class student, and Megha Ma’am made my entire GMAT journey soo smooth. Her style of teaching is just amazing, she helps you understand your weak points and then very systematically guides you to improve those areas. She is extremely supportive and helpful and is always available for solving doubts. She made the process really simple and easy going. I am really thankful to Megha Ma’am for her positivity and her constant motivation. I would highly recommend her!

Kshitij Maheshwari

ESSEC  |  GMAT 730 - V40, Q50

Megha Ma'am was my verbal tutor for GMAT & I can attest that her guidance was absolutely instrumental in my GMAT prep. Her way of teaching is quite refreshing and unconventional which makes verbal concepts easier for even those who struggle with it. Her way of teaching emphasizes a logic-driven way of tackling verbal rather than rote learning grammar rules which was a game changer for me. She often customized her teaching methods to suit my needs at different stages of my preparation. Also, as a bonus she always has a lot of tips and tricks to share from her years of experience which adds icing to the cake (that last extra 20 on your total score)

On a personal level too, she's extremely dedicated to her students' successes and she's really friendly and approachable. I highly recommend her more for Verbal for GMAT/GRE.

Bhawanshu Singh 

IIM Calcutta  MBAEx

GMAT Verbal is not as easy as it seems. I found that the hard way when I could not improve Verbal score in over 2 years. I started working with Megha Mam in December and this week I scored V37, a 12 point jump in my verbal score from V25 in December 2022. I am really happy that she pushed me to finish my homework and consciously apply the methods she taught me. She simplified my approach and I benefited greatly from that. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Verbal tutor.


Lakshya Sharma 

Schulich School of Business, Toronto, Canada 

Megha ma'am's style of teaching is simple and to the point. The techniques she taught in our verbal classes were extremely easy to apply and generates accurate answers to GMAT questions. Because of her mentorship i was able to get 38 score in the verbal section. She is also extremely helpful and is always available to clear any doubts. I am very confident in her ability to impart skills and knowledge that are required to crack this particularly challenging section of the GMAT.


Abhishek Singhania 

GMAT Score 760

Megha ma'am was my Verbal faculty at Jamboree for the GMAT exam. I took the exam in 2021 and thanks to her t Ms Megha was my trainer for GMAT. Her coaching increased my knowledge of the verbal section of the test, helping me understand the finer details and subtleties necessary to score 750+, and guided me to develop time utilization strategies and techniques that helped me finish the test on time.

She is personable, friendly and approachable. She understands the student’s difficulties in learning new concepts, explaining new rules from the student’s perspective. She effectively cleared all my doubts and was always ready to help and guide me in my learning. I would recommend her for all levels of GMAT students, even beginners.

Anjana Aggarwal


I was lucky to have Megha mam as my verbal faculty when I started my journey of GMAT. My entire focus during the prep was on quants and did not practice more than 20 ques of SC and CR before the exam, still managed to get a V 30+ in my first attempt by just listening to her classes 2-3 times. Her method of solving critical reasoning was so well taught that it stayed with me till my next GMAT attempt 6 months later. Once, she returned my call at 11 at night because she didn't get time to revert during the day. Such is her dedication. She went way beyond her professional duties and even helped me personally when I needed it.

Abhishek Gupta

GMAT: 710 || Said Business School, University of Oxford GMAT Score 760

Megha ma'am is a fantastic teacher who would spend time understanding your short coming and then giving student centric guidance. She knows GMAT verbal in and out, and is a master of the topic. Additionally, she has a structured approach to teaching which I found super helpful. I would highly recommend her. 

Teghmann Singh

GMAT 675 (Focus Edition)

I studied Verbal from Megha Ma'am a couple of years ago, and it was a really great experience. Everything about the content was very logical, structured and easy to understand. The reasoning and logical behind every rule used was explained in great detail, and that is something which made understanding easy. I would highly recommend Megha Ma'am for anyone looking to do well in the Verbal section on GMAT.  


Anmol Arora 


“Megha ma'am is available for support/doubt clearnace via email and she replies within 5-10 hours so that the student can plan for the doubt session accordingly. Teaching methods are very direct and logical. A student does not have to memorise all the jargon and can rather focus on solving the questions logically.”

Nishant Soni 


“Methods were very precise and accurate. They made alot of sense. A very involved trainer, who cares about the student. I had a good experience learning from Ma'am.”

Aayushi Tewari  


“I found Megha ma'am's teaching methods to be both precise and exam-focused, and at the same time, extremely logical. Not only were the concepts explained from the point of view of correctly answering questions in the minimum possible time, but also in a way that they would be retained even beyond the exam. Right from the beginning, time managment during Verbal never proved to be roadblock.”

Mahek Chawla,  ISB

“Doubt clearance was very precise and well planned. Maam always followed a system of scheduling calls for doubts. this ensured availability of both parties and led to effective doubt clearance” 

Lakshya Sharma,  York University

“Megha mam teaching methods were extremely easy to grasp and apply. She equipped me with wide arsenal of techniques that helped me crack even the toughest questions in less time. She provided us different ways to solve each question that widened our horizon as to solving complex questions. Megha mam not only provided me with the right material for preparing but also gave me one on one sessions to clarify our doubts. She was extremely approachable and put me in right direction for preparing verbal section of the GMAT” 

Joshita Sen,  XLRI

“Very helpful.... The tricks taught to tackle verbal questions were very helpful. Helped to manage time faster and efficiently. Very approachable. Always got a slot for doubt clearance and that too a quick one. Class was online but very interactive always”