How to Ace GMAT RC?  Part 3

How to Ace GMAT RC? Part 3

Are you able to read the RC passage efficiently, yet don’t get above 90% accuracy when you solve the questions?

Do you get stuck between the ‘last two options’?

Keep the following in mind while solving the GMAT Verbal section, especially RC questions:

  1. Always Refer Back to the Passage: Always go back to the passage and locate the exact information required to solve that particular question. This technique is a key component of effective GMAT Verbal strategies.
  2. Avoid Relying on Memory: Never rely on memory and skip the location hunting. This is exactly where the GMAT will trick you. Consistent GMAT Verbal practice can help mitigate this issue.
  3. Focus on Main Points, Not Details: Since you will go back to the passage for every question, do not overburden your mind by trying to memorize the details of the passage. While reading the passage, focus on the main points and how they are connected (check out Part 2 of this series). Personalized GMAT coaching can help you master this skill.
  4. Avoid Blind Word-Matching: Do not blindly word-match. Again, a big trap. The exact word could or could not be from the location. The idea should be correct. This is a common pitfall that GMAT Verbal tutoring can help you avoid.
  5. Understand the Question Requirement: Read the question carefully and understand its requirement. You need to answer that question and not just mark any information matching with the passage in the options.

This was Part 3 of 3 of the ‘How to Ace Reading Comprehension for GMAT’ series. Check out this space for the previous parts and the upcoming discussions on GMAT Verbal.

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Happy Learning and best of luck on your GMAT success journey!

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