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“Megha ma'am is available for support/doubt clearnace via email and she replies within 5-10 hours so that the student can plan for the doubt session accordingly. Teaching methods are very direct and logical. A student does not have to memorise all the jargon and can rather focus on solving the questions logically.”

“Your methods were like a cheat chode for me. Especially in RC, the section I was struggling the most with, your reading technique turned out to be a game changer. You were extremely friendly and always scheduled one on one doubt session every time I requested. What I loved the most is, your honesty about the stage of prep a student is at and having a clear idea of what's needed to be done to steer the student towards his target.”

“I dont think that i could had gotten any better guidance from anyone else. I was not able to give gmat due to covid. Only megha maam was there for me to help me with my preparations. She gave me doubt classes and guided me even though she did not have any kind of obligation to do so. She is always available for her students.”

“I personally feel that the teaching methods used were very helpful in simplifying even complex questions. The methods were designed in such a way that if one builds a sttrong foundation on the concepts, then it will be very easy for him/her to apply them to even very tough questions. My personal experience has been incredible. I did encounter a lot of doubts during my preparation and Megha Ma'am used to make all questions super clear for me. Apart from that, she also helped me customize my learning plan which becomes super essential when the exam is appraoching.”

“Megha mam teaching methods were extremely easy to grasp and apply. She equipped me with wide arsenal of techniques that helped me crack even the toughest questions in less time. She provided us different ways to solve each question that widened our horizon as to solving complex questions. Megha mam not only provided me with the right material for preparing but also gave me one on one sessions to clarify our doubts. She was extremely approachable and put me in right direction for preparing verbal section of the GMAT”

“The teaching methodology adopted was very structured and logical. Megha Ma'am made sure that she taught every aspect of the GMAT Verbal in the most simplified manner. Megha Ma'am makes sure that she is a part of your preparation. She takes one step ahead to conduct doubt clearing sessions and provides every kind of support beyong syllabus. She will take every effort to make you reach your desired scores.”

“The way of teaching of Megha Ma'am (verbal faculty) is precise and excellent.”

“Megha mam way of teaching and haldling doubts for Verbal are excellent and quiet interactive.”

“Megha ma'am is one of the best teachers that one could find for verbal”

“Megha Ma'am's teaching methods were great. She is very detail oreinted and was very effective at imparting topical knowledge”

“I find it amazing that the doubts are cleared on the spot and since I prepared from the class recordings, my doubts were cleared later with the same support”

“Methods were very precise and accurate. They made alot of sense. A very involved trainer, who cares about the student. I had a good experience learning from Ma'am.”

“Logical, precise, solution-oriented methods, great approach, really helpful. Excellent teacher, helps on every way possible.”

“Very helpful.... The tricks taught to tackle verbal questions were very helpful. Helped to manage time faster and efficiently. Very approachable. Always got a slot for doubt clearance and that too a quick one. Class was online but very interactive always”

“Doubt clearance was very precise and well planned. Maam always followed a system of scheduling calls for doubts. this ensured availability of both parties and led to effective doubt clearance”

“Megha Ma'am has a very easily understanble and formula oriented approach to tackling the Sentence Correction, Reading Comprehension and Critical Reasoning sections. Megha Ma'am was always avaialble for clearing doubts and encouraged me to perform better.”

“Quant was going good but i found a huge problem with verbal then my friend suggested to join your classes. I am very thankful to him that he suggested your class. Your teaching method really helped me to crack my GMAT exam. I will be always be grateful to you.”

“I found Megha ma'am's teaching methods to be both precise and exam-focused, and at the same time, extremely logical. Not only were the concepts explained from the point of view of correctly answering questions in the minimum possible time, but also in a way that they would be retained even beyond the exam. Right from the beginning, time managment during Verbal never proved to be roadblock.”

“I think Megha mam is the best teacher you can literally find for verbal.”

“Blindly followed Megha ma'am, the verbal faculty and the results were there to be seen for everyone.”

“I would like to mention special recommendation for Ms. Megha Gupta. She has been the most effective teacher in providing immense knowledge both in classroom as well as on the personal front.”

“It was a great expreience for me in working with Megha ma'am. All her methodologies and tips helped me big time for my GMAT prep in both verbal and quant. The schedule she gave helped me plan my preparation in a proper manner and most of all, I was bale to stick to the schedule whichmade the preparation a much easier process. It was quite easy to communicate with Megha ma'am after the class hours, which made the preparation a not so exhausting process. She was always willing to hop in on a zoom call to explain the thought process needed in solving any question and if stuck on any problem, she would happily explain it again and made sure that everyone was comfortable with the approach.”